Welcome To My New Website - Dallas Wedding Photographer William Bichara
January 1, 2022

Hello there! I want to welcome you to my new site. I hope you like it as much as I do. This site - a few weeks in the works - was built for me by FOCAL, a web design company from Vancouver.

have been in a dire need for a new site for a very long time, but I was patiently waiting to find the right experts who can understand my vision and help me translate it into a workable plan.  Then I met Lachlan Shum, the founder and CEO of FOCAL e-commerce and marketplace platform that utilizes Apple Keynote and caters to photographers who want to manage their own branding, portfolio and packages. The Focal team helped me realize my vision of a site into this beautiful one.

I was introduced to FOCAL by the celebrated Canadian wedding photographer, Taylor Jackson. In January of this year, Taylor and Lachlan were collaborating to run a promotion for building a site, one that I couldn’t pass on as it came at a time when I was more than ready to jump into action after a very long wait.

At this point, you may be wondering if there’s a back story to my anxiousness for a whole new vision for the right website. If you do wonder, you are not wrong. Back in 2018, I was photographing a wedding in France and I was traveling with my wife and son between Paris and La Baule-Escoublac for a couple of weeks when I realized that my old website was down. It was down because the servers of my host back then - Blu Domain - had failed.

To make a long story short, I had to wait over 4 weeks without an online presence. My frustration then, led me to a rush into building a new site using Squarespace to restore my presence on the web. It was user friendly,  easy and practical, but my limited expertise in website building did not bring me any closer to my vision of a truly effective and versatile website that showcases my vision and affirms my brand.

The practicality of a prepackaged website, added to the laziness brought about by the COVID19 pandemic and lockdowns, made me complacent and I kept finding excuses to push my plans to build my truly desired website. I had the time, but I didn’t have the skill and expertise to put my vision to work. Time went by so fast, then I had a very busy year in 2021. Finally, when I saw the offer Taylor Jackson had with FOCAL, it was a clear sign that the time has come. I quickly jumped on the opportunity. Lachlan met with me when I reached out and the rest is history.

The process of working with Lachlan and the FOCAL team was in itself exciting and enlightening and the final outcome was this superb website that I can now boast of as a true reflection of my vision and my brand.

I hope you enjoy it too.

William Bichara | Wedding Photographer | Dallas, Texas and Worldwide.

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