The Photographer Behind the Lens
December 14, 2022

On this blog page, I have recently shared many thoughts musings and stories from the latest wedding photography experiences. Today, I would love to flip the proverbial lens and talk a little bit about me. After all, what’s more insightful of the photography output than a closer look at the photographer himself, his process, and his journey.

You know me as a top Dallas wedding photographer. A highly reviewed award winning professional with a wide portfolio of traditional and multicultural weddings, especially experienced in South Asian, Middle Eastern and other ethnic wedding photography. But to really know me, I would love to tell the story of what drives and inspires me and what make me the niche wedding artist that my clients come to perceive me as we’ve journeyed into their wedding story.

So to that end, let’s start from the beginning. Photography has been my passion since childhood when I could never be separated from my very first range finder camera that was a treasured gift from my father. That made me a very comfortable range finder photographer not spoiled by the ease of fully automatic cameras on which so many of today’s professional photographers are trained. With that, I have been an avid hobbyist photographer for decades now, but I became a full time professional photographer over 10 years ago when I finally realized that photography is my real calling, quit a successful banking job to follow this passion, and never looked back.

The only other passion that competes with my absolute devotion to photography is my beautiful little family – my wife and our precious boy, with whom I share a warm and cozy home. One in which I find my most genuine inspiration for this art.  

In me, you will find a photographer filled with inspirations form the world of fashion and beauty, and a thirst for capturing soulful images that tell a story – your wedding story – in timeless elegance. I seek out every detail and emotion that make your wedding day the most important day of your life, and I weave these moments into a love story told through pictures. I don’t direct, dictate or obstruct the natural flow of your wedding events. I’m just there to document the story in a series of artfully and sincerely captured images.

If I have to describe my wedding photography style, I would call it story-telling, photojournalistic and dramatic – the latter being my favorite description. I highlight this adjective describing my style only to contrast it with the very prevalent wedding photography style branded as light and airy. As popular as the light and airy wedding photography style is, I still claim the opposite to stay true to my preferred style that leans more towards the art of painting with light. The dramatic effect of contrast in light and color, between the dark and the bright that allow the important elements in a picture to capture the eye is unique ways stand in stark contrast to the blandness of the light and airy in my view. I find that couples that are drawn to my style, come with a clear penchant for the dramatic flair and the deep emotional impact of my photography style.

As a wedding photographer, I seek to capture beauty, genuine expression and raw emotions. Weddings happen to be joyful events that are packed with emotion, heartfelt expression and a lot of splendor and sensuality. I can’t think of a single subject that is richer in inspiration. As a bonus, I get to witness the thrill in the eyes on brides and grooms as they flip through their wedding albums for the first time. To me, it’s truly priceless.

When asked why couples love working with me, the simple answer in my case is reputation and trust. Testimonials from couples I’ve worked with say it all. Over the years, I’ve been blessed with many discerning and appreciative brides and grooms who were happy enough to express their pleasure with my work in those reviews in ways that exceed anything I can describe myself. Feedback often points out to trust in my work, feeling at ease in my presence in the most personal moments of their wedding day, flexibility, product quality, quick turnaround and so on. However, the common factor of all these testimonials is a humbling fascination with the elegant storytelling quality of final wedding images.

As you embark on your wedding planning journey, it commonly feels hard to choose your wedding vendors, the photographer is no exception. While many mundane factors would drive your choice of all most of not all the other vendors, the question of how to choose your wedding photographer is a deeper more emotional question. Your wedding, as wonderful as it is, will fly by in a day, but what remains is the memory in your hearts and the pictures in your wedding album.

Wedding photography is a learned method and an art, and art doesn’t start with the tool but with the inherent talent of the artist. This is the way of the professional wedding photographer whose mission is to document the events of your wedding day beautifully and artistically, while at the same time ensuring that no key moment is missed, no emotion or meaningful gesture goes un-captured. So I say, choose your photographer wisely and don’t skimp.

I hope this glimpse into the inspiration behind my art of photography helps paint a more vivid picture of my vision and my process and that it speaks directly to your imagined wedding storybook. If you have a limited budget, don’t be reluctant to ask. Wedding photography packages can always be tailored to your budget if your heart is truly set on choosing me to capture your wedding.

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