Some Thoughts on Holiday Weddings (Dallas Weddings or Destination Weddings)
December 24, 2022

Holidays are special in their own way and weddings are some of the most meaningful occasions to be a part of, but put the two together and you get an especially memorable holiday and an extra special wedding. As a wedding photographer with a zeal for anything that adds to the intensity, emotion and fervor of the wedding l'm capturing, holiday weddings never disappoint.

To me, of all the holidays in the year, the Christmas and New Year's season make for the best holiday weddings. The festivities of an already joyous time add cheer and meaning. It is already a time for family and friends to get together. The celebrations are amplified and the sentimental value is heightened by an already special occasion adding to the significance of your wedding. Having your future holiday and anniversaries be forever extra special is the cherry on top of the wedding cake.

For all those reasons and more, couples venture into planning a holiday wedding despite the challenges that come with it including pricier holiday rates for venues, hotel rooms and travel as well as wedding guest and vendor availability issues. Yet, on the upside, holiday weddings have much more to offer. The theme is already there, which lowers the pressure of finding inspiration for your wedding theme.

Churches, hotels and venues are already decorated, you just need to bring the magic of the holiday to your reception.

To me, Christmas themes are especially inspiring. One of my favorite holiday weddings, was the 2021 Christmas wedding of Brittney and Colin at the Adolphus, a luxury Dallas hotel in the heart of Dallas downtown. The Christmas themed reception brought the warmth and cheer of the holiday season to the wedding. Emotions filled the air as the couple walked into a ballroom turned into a winter wonderland of festive décor, larger than life white floral arrangements and winter color schemes and backdrops. It was inspiring and simply gorgeous. Not only was the hotel buzzing with the holiday spirit, the streets around the hotel were beautifully decorated with Christmas trees, garlands, ornaments and lights, and made for some spectacular romantic pictures for the wedding couple.

Next week, I have another holiday wedding to look forward to. This time it's a New Year's Eve wedding. Not only is it an extra special night for the couple celebrating a wedding, but also extra special for me as it happens to be my birthday, and the couple were gracious enough to invite my family along to keep me company on a special and sentimental day for us.

If you're a bride planning a holiday wedding and in search of a photographer that knows how to bring it all to life through his photos, I would love to hear from you. My best advice to you to is to reach out as early as you can - this is evergreen advice, but it's especially important if you are planning your wedding on or around a holiday.

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