Photography saved my life by William Bichara - Dallas Wedding Photographer
January 7, 2023

"Everything you've ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear" - this is my wife's favorite quote and it just happens to be a suitable motif of my journey into the coveted title of one of the top Dallas Wedding Photographers.

Anyone who's taken photography as a profession at any point in their lives, has inevitably gone through a journey that led them into this career choice. The easier path is starting from a place where one is not tied down to another job. When you're not reliant on the promise of job stability and a reliable and steady source of income, the leap into any business if you have the potential to succeed in it does not feel like an agonizingly difficult choice.

On the opposite end are those of us who, at some point in their lives, have made the leap from the security of a solid and reliable career into the labyrinth of building a business from the ground up to pursue a lifelong passion. My journey into professional photography belongs in the latter bucket.

While my close connection with the camera goes back to my early childhood into my young adulthood and throughout my life to date, it was only a little over a decade ago when I decided to take it on as a profession. At the time I was well into a long and steady career as a banker and a successful one at that.

Before I decided to quit my banking job, I was a client facing relationship manager and an expert at providing complex banking solutions to very loyal clients. I thrived on relationship building through direct interaction with my customers. At the time, the client facing aspect of my job that allowed me to better understand the needs of my clients, made it a great fit for my interpersonal skills.

In a fateful twist in the last few years of my career as banks started moving away from in-person relationships to automated and remote banking services, the interpersonal aspect of my job slowly devolved into something I did not like. Along with it came an increasingly unshakable dissatisfaction with my job and endless spiral into depression that peaked to point where a radical career change became inevitable.

As I struggled for months with the decision to quit a job that made me miserable, deep down, I knew that on the other side of the visceral fear of losing a stable career lies not only a lifeline, but the hope of everything I ever wanted - a potential career out of a passion. Making a living while doing something I love seemed an elusive yet reachable dream. All I had to do was find the courage to cross to the other side of my fears, and I did. In the fall of 2012, I quit my life long banking career to become a professional photographer and never looked back.

Since then, with all the challenges that come with self-employment, I never once regretted taking on photography as a business. While I became perpetually stressed about building and growing a business that I loved, I was never unhappy or in doubt that I made a good life-changing choice. As wide as the leap from Dallas Market Relationship Banker to Dallas Wedding Photographer seems to be, it took a mere moment in time when I found the courage to cross over that made it all possible.

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