From the Press - A Feature about William Bichara Photography by CanvasRebel Magazine
April 6, 2022

Last week, I was featured by CanvasRebel online magazine and I’m thrilled to share my story on this blog. In a media space flooded with over-hashed viewpoints and insights by familiar name and faces, CanvasRebel is a platform created to make room for artists, creatives, small business owners and entrepreneurs to tell their stories, share their insights and perspective, and allow their journeys to inspire others interested in similar paths. In this interview, I was asked to highlight a significant way in which my photography brand diverges from the industry standards.

Thinking about my answer was a thought-provoking exercise for me. Day-to-day, I operate within my vision for my wedding photography brand and my business model, but until I was asked that question, I never had to step back and define it in a way that separates it from industry trends and peer practices. My world of photography – the business – is defined by many variables including what kind of wedding packages I offer, how to price them, how and where to market my business, how to choose my associates, how to continue to innovate, how to communicate with prospective clients, how flexible I choose to be with what I offer, how to reach my target clientele and so on. The answer to the question I’m asked in this interview, as I thought about it, was revealing even to me as it brought into focus the fact that all my business decisions around these factors are governed by one principle – staying true to photography – the art.

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William Bichara – Award winning Dallas Wedding Photographer

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