Can I (dis)interest you in a bundle? Artsy Still Photography vs Video/Photo Combo
September 19, 2022

“Do you offer video along with your photography services?”… or some version of this question, has been increasingly turning into a repeating refrain in the inquiries of the ever elusive wedding couples in search of a wedding photographer. Before I became desensitized (and immunized) to this question, I used to be taken aback and quite disheartened by the enquiry, especially when it appears to be a deal breaker for an otherwise thoughtful couple looking for talented wedding vendors that meet a specific vision they have of their big day.

The appeal of a “package deal” that includes it all is hard to resist. I get it. We have all become accustomed to different versions of “one-stop-shops” in everything we look for that we sometimes lose sight of the nature of what it is we’re in search of. If it’s inherently an art – as photography indisputably is – you ought instead to be in search for the “artist”, not the savvy business that can accommodate you in every manner you wish your wedding moments captured.

I have no doubt that many vendors that offer both services can and will deliver your video and still images as promised. While they mostly contract with associates you may not have personally met or chosen to do the job, your wedding pictures will in many cases be of good quality, but whether they reflect the uniqueness and spirit of your wedding or generically copy every other wedding they cover is a whole different question. I’m willing to bet anything on the notion that the art in story telling through still images – that set of photographs that are not just good, but ones that speak to you, stir your emotions, showcase the heart and soul of your wedding day and let you relive those fleeting moments with all the nostalgia they awaken in you – can only be delivered by the dedicated photographer, the soulful artist, the story teller who typically lives in a space that does not know efficiencies, easy buttons, bundle discounts and bottom lines.

In an ever-changing industry that keeps tilting more and more towards promoting the convenient and the profitable, the challenge of reconciling art and truth in service with profit margins is growing by the day. Fortunately, as a creative business owner who has come to the decision that the former is much more important than the latter, I am unburdened by the dichotomy.

My experience has taught me that staying true to my art and true in conducting business keeps both you and me happy. However, the qualification here is that you, as a wedding couple, have to be like me, seeking the art and the truth in storytelling, not the easy bundles of wedding services that offer all the convenience and none of the creativity and the personalized touch. You are the sentimental brides and grooms who are in search of a wedding photographer to trust in capturing all the worthy moments of your wedding day truthfully and artfully. And so, if you are hoping to invest in a wedding ‘storybook’ to cherish for as long as you desire, this is the moment to drown out all appeals to your wallet and shop with your heart and soul.

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