Abstract in Black and White - Article by Dallas Wedding Photographer William Bichara
February 7, 2022

Abstract photography lives outside the common photographer’s rulebook and creates an image that has no obvious connection to the subject or the world around it. It provokes the viewer’s mind to make meaning out of it.  

Black and white photography removes all distraction of color and, as elegantly summed up in the words of the great fine art photographer Julia Anna Gospodarou, ”unveil(s) the hidden side of the world, the side that exists beyond color and beyond objective reality”. It provokes the viewer:s emotion.

Within this set of wedding-day images of the gorgeous bride Gabrielle, is a selection from her getting-ready seen. If you can pick them out, you may see how I seek to tap into both, the inspiration of abstract imagery and the emotion-provoking effect of black and white photography. I hope to to channel the intensity of the moment and to challenge the viewer into pondering the meaning of what they see and emotionally reacting to the story that is being told.

[Picture selection from the wedding photography final album - the wedding of Gabrielle and Ryan in the Lucky Spur Ranch Retreat in Justin, TX].

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